We love to go places, make things, sell stuff, tell stories, and dream of owning a Relais & Châteaux property in Wyoming one day

~~ We're Tanya & Richie ~~
We were married in our favorite place ~ Jackson Hole, Wyoming ~ and are counting the days 'til we move there and open a Relais & Châteaux property one day. In the meantime, we live in the fabulous neighborhood of German Village in Columbus, Ohio and are simply in love with our shihtzu puppy, Chewy. We could be accused of obsessions with travel, Disney, Game of Thrones, and the Ohio State Buckeyes. We have a legit plan to hit every continent by 2021. Tanya walked down the aisle to {Can You Feel the Love Tonight?}, and we ended our wedding ceremony the same way they do on GOT. We may have actually discussed booking tickets to Atlanta for the National Championship already.

By day, Richie is an electrician, and Tanya is a state government administrator. He loves to chill. She can't sit still. He's easy breezy. She's always fired up about something. We're total opposites which is probably why we work!

~~ Wait, so who are The Rutmans? ~~
When we were dating, our friends referred to us as "The Rutmans" ... Tanya Rutner + Richie Hartman = The Rutmans. So while we're now technically The Hartmans, we had to keep using The Rutmans for something!

~~ Gifting as Story Telling ~~
We believe in gifts that tell a story ~ something more than just a bunch of products that look good together or have the same theme. Each of our stocked products have a little tale to tell that we highlight on Instagram {@therutmans}. We keep our box descriptions to just need to know info ~ so follow our feed for more!

~~ How We Got Started ~~
Our love of gifts that tell stories started with the welcome boxes we created for our destination wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We integrated tons of personal details into our celebrations and our boxes were no exception! They really set the tone for the weekend and helped our guests get to know a little bit more about us and our families before anyone even stepped outside their hotel room.

~~ Point Being ~~
We want to help you tell YOUR story! Don't just throw a bag of chips and a pack of gum in a gift bag and call it a welcome ~ let's find some snacks that tell a little about you, your friend, your company, your event, your journey ~ whatever or whoever you're celebrating or gathering for! We'll create a favor that keeps the conversation flowing or draft a welcome letter that gives more than just what time the bus comes.

~~ Not Just Gift Boxes ~~
We can make most anything tell a story. From the stationary to signage to table setting ~ we'll make it memorable and meaningful for your special event. Keep coming back to our shop and following us on Instagram {@therutmans} for inspiration! Can't wait?! Contact us. We're excited you're excited!

~~ So Where Does the Travel Come In? ~~
Each of our box designs is inspired in part by a trip we took ~ for photos, check ~ you guessed it ~ Instagram {@therutmans}. Also, one of our favorite things to do when we travel is visit local markets. Whether it's a food hall or art festival or flea market ~ it's on our to do list. Markets are some of the best places to collect cool, unique, and colorful gift items and craft materials ~ which we're thrilled to integrate into our products! Some materials we use we collected on trips over a decade ago.

~~ About That Moose and Those Mountains ~~
Instead of a traditional wedding guest book, we wanted guests to sign something they could cherish forever as a piece of art in their home. Together, Richie drew and Tanya painted a 5’x4’ canvas with the outline of a moose and the Tetons and Snake River in the background that was transported out to Jackson Hole in a snowboard bag. It was displayed at our Welcome Party and its image was used in the welcome boxes ~ the boxes that started it all! Truth be told ~ we think it came out pretty darn good ~ so we extended the life of that moose and those mountains to brand our new business. Since we're destined for Wyoming one day anyway ~ we feel it's pretty fitting. Want something like it for your wedding? Contact us!

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